Student Life Research

Our team is passionate about ethical research and how it can be used to inform decisions that will have a beneficial impact on the future. They all come from different disciplines but they have a common passion for assisting our youth and the contribution that the youth can make in the future if given the chance. Armed with these two passions Student Life Research was started in order to provide sound research for decision makes who could have the most impact on our youth.

Our starting point for Student Life Research was the examination of student transitions: From high school to university, University to the workforce, and the role of parents in assisting children with transitions. It is however increasingly clear that a great deal more empirical research is required to help with transitions at all levels and in multiple areas.

While our broad range of research is useful and interesting, we are aware that decision makers are time poor and often do not have the time or resources to apply it to their unique situations. This is where we can assist you. We are able to conduct short empirical investigations tailored to your unique institution or business and back it with our wealth of research knowledge in this area.



Research = Informed Decisions


Evaluation Reports

+ Wellbeing 
+ Cultural change 
+ Millennial workplace compatability


Proceedures & Policies

+ Documentation devlopment from Reports


Workshops & Training

+ Courses, full day or half-day workshops for staff or students to address issues identified in the Reports


Businesses are affected by the transition of students into the workforce. We all know that in time young employees will settle and acquire the necessary skills and experience, but it can be quite challenging and expensive resource wise in the beginning.

This time can be quite challenging particularly when the student is transitioning from safe environment of a university where they may have acquire unrealistic and inflated expectations about their role and value to the working environment.

It can also be a challenge if the student is coming straight from school where they have been spoon fed and are conditioned to ‘checkbox’ mentality.

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Institutes, Colleges

& Schools


Institutes such as universities, TAFE, Private Education Institutes, and Libraries or residential colleges for university students are key areas where the youth are exposed to multiple transitions.

These transitions take the form of having to acquire personal responsibility for their behaviour in areas like time management for study, social behaviour management, food alcohol and drug consumption management to name a few. These transitions are certainly not new. Youth have been exposed to transitions for centuries but there is increasing evidence in society that millennials are undergoing something different.


We tailor a research project to the unique requirements of your business.  We then present and discuss the report and recommendations with you and your staff.



When you group young people together as in learning institutes with dramatically reduced structure and supervision you begin to see an amplification of behaviour, which is not always desirable. Increasing structure and supervision is not necessarily the best solution, although it is often the first port of call.  

We should be guiding and grooming the youth to want to take their adult position, to seek out their personal values and adhere to them, to want to be the best person they can be.

We can tailor a research project to meet your unique requirements or we can examine your Institute or College in relation to an industry standard evaluation. This can be used for ongoing progress evaluation.  


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